Questions and answers

  • How much curcumin is in a daily dose?
    A turmeric capsule contains 18 mg of curcumin (curcuma or turmeric root extract, 95% curcuminoids). A daily dose consisting of 2 capsules contains 36 mg of curcumin. A daily dose of Paramirum® Curcuma drops consists of 30 drops and covers the same amount of curcumin. This amount of curcuma extract corresponds to about 1 g of a turmeric root powder.
  • Where can I get Paramirum®?
    You can order all of our products easily by phone, online by purchase order form or by E-Mail.
  • How much piperine are in drops or capsules?
    The drops contain 0.05% of piperine (black pepper extract) and the capsules contain 0.6%, respectively. Therefore, the capsules are more spicy. Usually these are swallowed completely. If one wishes or needs on breaking the capsule with the teeth, please, consider the spicy taste.
  • What is piperine and why is it used in combination with turmeric?
    Piperine refers to an extract of black pepper. Piperine enhances the bioavailability of the curcumins up to 20 times!
  • How long should Paramirum® be taken?
    With a weakened immune system or permanent physical stress an application according to a cure is meaningful. The application period of Paramirum® Curcuma capsules may be, depending on the need,  between 6-9 months.
  • Can the casing of the capsule be swallowed?
    The capsule’s casing of Paramirum® consists of edible gelatine and can be consumed. The applied gelatine for Paramirum® capsules corresponds to high-quality food and pharmaceutical quality.
  • Is the gelatine kosher or halal?
    Since 2011, we use exclusively gelatine which carries the certification kosher and halal.
  • How do I remove yellow spots of turmeric extract?
    Curcumin is soluble in alcohol. Use cleaning alcohol (95% vol.), which is available for e.g., in pharmacies. Exposure to sunlight will fade final residues of colour.
  • Do you grant special conditions for non-medical practitioner?
    For doctors, non-medical practitioners and therapists we grant a discount. For retailer and wholesale dealer we grant special conditions upon submission of a trading licence or a relevant certificate.
  • Can I receive information about the products?
    We will be pleased to send you any requested information. Just get in touch with us by phone or by E-mail. Please include your full address in your E-mail.
  • Do you also do deliveries abroad?
    Of course you can also order our products from abroad. We gladly provide you with information on both, the demand and the amount of shipping costs. Please, pay attention that the dispatch takes place abroad only by payment in advance.