Fundamental for the beneficial and soothing effect of our products is the right choice and the high quality of the plants used.

The selection of the correct botanical species, the respective plant parts, growth locations, growth conditions, soil quality and agreed terms for the cultivation and harvesting of the plants are crucial for the quality of Paramirum®.

In addition, strict inspection requirements are asked of suppliers of raw materials for warranting the highest level of quality.

Vegetable oils used for Paramirum® products are gained exclusively by gentle cold pressing and subsequent filtration. Plant extracts used are of high quality, so that they can unfold their optimal properties. We renounce the use of synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives.

Our dietary supplements are free of alcohol, preservatives, gluten, yeast and lactose.

Neither during production nor development animal studies are commissioned or carried out.

The manufacturing process of Paramirum® takes place in an extremely gentle manner in order to retain the vital energy of the plants to a large extent.

Stability tests assure that the special properties of the products are preserved up to the end of their lifetime. In addition, compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) ensures, that the products are manufactured under high quality standards and are safe to use.